What's new

March 2020 - Offering simple control of LED strips by WIFI we added the WLED03 to our range. At the core is the popular ESP32 and we have also opened sourced the firmware so you can customise your module. We also have phone apps in Android and IOS to control the module.





December 2019 - The iceWerx FPGA module provides a ready to go daughter board with USB programming. It has two 36 pin headers to allow an easy connection to your circuitry..




March 2019 - The iceFUN FPGA module uses Lattices top of the range HX8K device. With 7680 logic cells and 128kb of RAM this is the fastest and highest density ice40 series FPGA.



January 2019 - Our first product of 2019 is the new CMPS14, offering a great solution to compass requirements. The CMPS14 features Hillcrest Labs BNO080 sensor and offers a magentometer, gyro and accelerometer to give fast and accurate results.



August 2018 - A complete USB thermal camera solution has been added to our range. We liked the TPA64 so much we decided it would be great to just have direct USB attachment, so we are pleased to release theUSB-TPA64


July 2018 - Expanding our range of affordable solutions we are adding the ESP32LR20 and ESP32LR42 to our range. The ESP32LR20 features two 16A relays with arc suppression for an extra low cost and small footprint. The ESP32LR42 offers four relays with arc suppression and two 3.3v digital inputs or volt free contact compatible inputs.

June 2018 - We now have a 8x8 thermopile array to introduce to our range, the TPA64 offers 2.5°c accuracy and a 60° field of view. Have a look at the video on the product page, it speaks for itself!

May 2018 - Wifi at an affordable price is offered with the new ESP32LR88, the module has snubbers across the relay outputs for AC arc suppression. There are 8 digital inputs that can be 3.3v level inputs or volt free contact compatible inputs. The board offers multiple control methods preprogrammed or can be easily customised through the Arduino IDE.

April 2018 - With industrial requirements in mind we have introduced the TCP184, it features  4 x VFC (Volt Free Contact) relays with integrated snubbers on the PCB, 8 optically isolated inputs and an RS485 port. There is an integrated power supply, so the board can be fed by mains power 90-264VAC @ 47-63hz.

March 2018 - Our second new module of the month, the CMPS12 is the sucessor to the ever popular CMPS11. Offering improved performance, auto calibration and increased functionality but all still for the same great price.

March 2018 - Powered by by the fantastic Bosch BNO055 we are pleased to introduce our BNO055 compass module, it can operate at voltages between 3.3v and 5v due to an on board ultra low drop regulator and a level translator for communications. The BNO055 offers a simple tilt compensated heading, pitch and roll registers, or more advanced users can make use of many other output features.



October 2017 - Introducing the MBH88, Modbus RTU module and features 8 x VFC (Volt Free Contact) relays with integrated snubbers across the normally open terminal and 8 isolated digital inputs. Supply voltage is 90-264VAC @ 47-63hz. The MBH88 comes complete with a DIN mount case for easy installation.



January 2017 - Our first new arrival of the year. The dS378 complements our new dScript modules with a 8 relay, 7 i/o and 7 analogue inputs combination.


July 2016 - Our biggest ethernet board yet! the new dS2824 offers 24 relays, 8 flexible i/o, TTL serial and RS485. The module includes our powerful dScript programming language
June 2016
- Complementing our USB relay range we are pleased to introduce the USB-RLY82. The module offers 2 low power relays and 8 analogue/digital inputs at a very economical price


June 2016 - Release of the USB-SER01, adding a simple USB to serial solution to our interface range


April 2016 - We launched a new range of ethernet modules that are equipped with our new and exciting dScript language. The first in the series are the dS1242 and dS3484, they both allow the user to customise their module for functionality and image (logos, buttons etc). We have tried to make the modules as easy to use as possible while still providing the necessary functionality to create amazing results. For more details please click on one of the modules below:

December 2015 
- Upgraded the MD03 to the MD04. A USB port has been added for setting the mode, this has allowed us to add an additional serial option and you can also update the firmware through the USB with new software revisions.  A centigrade scaled temperature sensor has also been included and at a cheaper overall price than the original MD03


July 2015 - New user friendly website released
April 2015Added a WIFI version of our ETH008, the WIFI008. Featuring 8 relays switching up to 16A at 24vdc or 250vac


March 2015
Released a WIFI version of our ETH002, the WIFI002. Featuring 2 relays switching up to 16A at 24vdc or 250vac

Febuary 2015Added an Ethernet controlled Motor board, the ETH0621. Featuring a 24v 5A motor controller, 2x24v/5A outputs, 6x24v digital inputs and 2 relays switching up to 16A at 24vdc or 250vac.

January 2015Launched the ETH044, a 4 channel dimmable solid state relay module