What's new

June 2020 -  Adding to the ESP32 WIFI modules we have released the ESP32SR88. The module features 8 ultra low power requirement relays (50mW coils), there is also 8 optically isolated inputs avaialble.  


June 2020 -  Our biggest Ethernet relay module has arrived complete with dScript functionality and optional snubbers. The dS2832 offers 32 relays rated at 16A, 8 digital I/O or 12 bit analogue inputs and 2 serial ports.  


April 2020 - Updating the popular USB-RLY02 with a smaller mini B USB connector and integration of snubbers on the normally open terminals has added the
USB-RLY02-SN module to our range


March 2020 - Offering simple control of LED strips by WIFI we added the WLED03 to our range. At the core is the popular ESP32 and we have also opened sourced the firmware so you can customise your module. We also have phone apps in Android and IOS to control the module.





December 2019 - The iceWerx FPGA module provides a ready to go daughter board with USB programming. It has two 36 pin headers to allow an easy connection to your circuitry..




March 2019 - The iceFUN FPGA module uses Lattices top of the range HX8K device. With 7680 logic cells and 128kb of RAM this is the fastest and highest density ice40 series FPGA.



January 2019 - Our first product of 2019 is the new CMPS14, offering a great solution to compass requirements. The CMPS14 features Hillcrest Labs BNO080 sensor and offers a magentometer, gyro and accelerometer to give fast and accurate results.