SRF485 - RS485 sonar with temperature compenstation

Designed for use in car parks, the SRF485 is suitable for use whenever a large number of sonar's are required.
This sonar has 3 user programmable Led indicator outputs available.

Power - 8v to 14v, 12v nominal, 10mA
Frequency - 40KHz
Range - 30cm to 500cm
Comunicaion - Standard RS485 Bus, up to 127 SRF485's connected to your controller.
Units - Range reported in uS, cm or inches.
Temperature Compensation -30 to +50 centigrade

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Full Technical Data and the FAQ

 - displays data read from RS485 on serial monitor
PIC18F4410 - reading the result and displaying on a LCD03/LCD05
Visual C# - find and display results from one sensor

Built test program:
Find and display results from a sensor

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