USB-RLY08B - 8 channel USB relay

Powered and Controlled from the USB bus.
The relays used on this board are premium ultra low power 50mW coil types, this means the boards current consumption is less than 100mA with all relays on. 

Relays - 8 
Power - Powered from standard USB bus 
Control interface - USB 
Relay current - Up to 1Amp @30vdc or 60vac. 500mA@110vac. 250mA@250vac 
Connections - Screw Terminals for N/O N/C and Common contacts.

The USB-RLY08-B is an update of the obsolete USB-RLY08. It uses a different USB driver, otherwise is a drop in replacement.

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Full USB-RLY08-B Documentation 

Linux GCC
 - A command line tool that will set the relay states according to input from the user
Linux with Mono and Xbuild (C#) - Simple example of switching the relays

Xcode - Simple example of switching the relays

Microsoft Windows

Visual C# Express - Simple example of switching the relays
Visual Basic Express - Simple example of switching the relays

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