SRF235 - pencil beam range finder

The SRF235 is a small sonar with an industrial air coupled transducer, giving a very narrow 15° beam width and fast cycling - up to 100Hz update rate.

Working at 235KHz, the SRF235 can be used simultaneously with standard 40KHz rangers without interference.

Power - 5v, 25mA typical.
Frequency - 235KHz
Range - 12cm -1.1m.
Beam Width - Narrow Beam - Just 15°
Communication - Standard I2C Bus.
Timing - Fully timed echo, freeing host controller of task.
Units - Range reported in uS, cm or inches.
Size - 34mm x 20mm x 19mm height.

£88.34 £73.62
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Full Technical Data and the FAQ

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