SRF01 - Worlds Smallest Single Transducer Range finder

World beating performance - the SRF01 employs our 2nd generation AutoTune technology which allows ranging all the way down to zero on a single transducer sonar. 

Power - 3.3v to 12v, 25mA Ranging. 11mA Standby. 55uA Sleep.
Range Industrial spec' - 18cm to 600cm (no calibration required). 
Range Hobby spec' - 0cm to 600cm (after auto-calibration). 
Frequency - 40KHz 
Communication - One Pin Serial Bus @ 9600 baud with up to 16 SRF01's connected to a single pin on your controller.
Units - Range reported in cm or inches. 
Weight - Very light weight, just 2.7gm

Supplied with Mounting Grommet.

£20.39 £16.99
  • Buy 5 for £18.54 £15.45 each and save 9%
  • Buy 25 for £16.85 £14.04 each and save 17%
  • Buy 100 for £15.32 £12.77 each and save 25%

Full Technical Data and the FAQ

We also have a Free 3D bracket design as picture depicts above (blue bracket).

 - using an I2C interface and LCD03/LCD05, and also a seperate example of the fake ranging mode
ATMEGA32 - reading the result and displaying on a LCD03/LCD05
PIC18F4410 - reading the result and displaying on a LCD03/LCD05
PIC24FJ16GA002 - reading the result and displaying on a LCD03/LCD05
Picaxe18x - one wire serial communication exampe
PicBasic PRO -  uses the PIC16F877
Raspberry Pi - reads software version and range in cm

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