4-way DMX Buffer/Splitter

The DMX-SPLIT4 module is 4-way DMX splitter, also sometimes known as a buffer or amplifier. Cased in a sturdy steel box, the splitter can be easily mounted on the rigging truss with plastic cable ties. 

Fully compliant with the latest USITT DMX512-A standard.
Backwards compatible with the older USITT DMX512/1990 standard.
Optically isolated input, with on-board isolated power supply.
Four individually buffered outputs with common ground.
Single 9v - 12v DC power supply required.
Three LED status indicates main power, isolated power and DMX activity.  
On-board 120 Ohm termination on input and all outputs.

Led Status

Top  Green Led DMX Present
Middle Red Led Isolated Power ok
Bottom Red Led Main Power ok

DMX Connections
The 5-pin XLR connections follow industry standard pin-out.

Use 5-pin XLR Pin number DMX512 Function
Common Reference 1 Data Link Common
Primary Data Link 2 Data 1-
3 Data 1+
Secondary Data Link
Not used by module and un-connected on XLR's
4 Data 2-
5 Data 2+

Any 9v to 12v DC adapter supplying a minimum 200mA can be used to power the unit.

A full schematic of the module in PDF format can be downloaded here.