WIFI configuration - Linux version


To provide an easy connection to your network we provide a linux configuration program that will read out and offer the user to change the settings for their network. It can be downloaded here. To get started extract the wifi_config folder to a location on your hard drive and run the executable from within this folder. Now select your modules serial port from the drop down menu and you will be able to edit the WIFI modules settings.

If you get an error that you can not access the serial port make sure that you are a member of the dialout group, if you are not you can add yourself to the group by running 'sudo usermod -aG dialout USERNAME' where USERNAME should be replaced by your username. You may have to restart your computer for these changes to take effect.

Wifi settings
Allows your networks SSID to be specified (the network name that your router broadcasts), the security type (none/WPA/WPA2) and finally assuming you are using security the passphrase.

Network settings
Contained in this page is the TCPIP port and the ip addresses and mask, if you have a network with a DHCP enabled you can set the DHCP and the IP settings will then be read only.

HTTP and MAC address
The MAC address and hostname are displayed for informative purpose only. The HTTP username and password can be edited from this page if HTTP authentication is enabled.