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BrainStem GP2.0
BrainStem GP2.0

BrainStem GP2.0

Price: 55.10 (Excluding VAT at 20%)


The BrainStem GP 2.0 is Acroname's next generation of the popular GP 1.0 module. It has much of the same I/O, connectivity, and internal TEA program multi threading as the GP 1.0, with a set of new features, including:

Infrared I/O in either NEC or RC5 protocols.
Much expanded program space, the GP2 stores one 16k and 11 1k TEA programs.
5V Vcc ouput at up tp 1A maximum provided regardless of input voltage; 3.2V to 28V input voltage accepted.

GP 2.0 New features:
Infrared I/O in either NEC or RC5 protocols.
Stores one 16k and 11 1k TEA programs
Prototyping area with 2 analog, 3 digital, I2C, Vcc, and Vsrc holes.
Voltage Supervisor with 3.2V shutoff.
5V Vcc ouput provided regardless of input voltage; 3.2V to 28V input voltage accepted
Onboard power switch and low battery indicator LED
Separate servo power supply pin; jump to use Vsrc for servos

GP2.0 features in common with GP1.0:
40 MHz RISC processor
5 channel, 10 bit A/D
5 digital I/O lines
1 MBit IIC port
IIC routing
Heartbeat status LED
Runs up to 4 TEA programs concurrently
UART serial port
Reflex architecture
4 high-resolution servo outputs
Execution of 9000 instructions per second
Access to I/O features via built-in serial command set
Convenient power and ground connections for each I/O pin

The GP2.0 is currently supported on Windows, MacOS X and Linux, and can be accessed through software developed by Acroname, including the Console and GP applications. In addition, SDKs are provided for C and Java development. A TEA compiler, the GP and Console programs, support libraries, and example programs are available on multiple platforms. The TEA compiler is also integrated into the Console. The BrainStem software can be downloaded from the
Acroname download center section for free.

BrainStem Moto1.0
BrainStem Moto1.0

BrainStem Moto1.0

Price: 42.44 (Excluding VAT at 20%)


Full Technical Documentation from
BrainStem Central

BrainStem software is available from the
Acroname download center

The Motion Control (Moto) module supports two motor channels that can control the velocity and position of a variety of motor types. The Moto module handles all aspects of closed-loop control of motors, enabling you to focus on when and where to move, not how. Access to this control is easy from most computing platforms. The module can operate autonomously as well.

BrainStem Moto1.0 3A H-Bridge
BrainStem Moto1.0 3A H-Bridge

BrainStem Moto1.0 3A H-Bridge

Price: 27.74 (Excluding VAT at 20%)


This is a 3A H-Bridge Module based on the LMD 18200 H-Bridge. In addition, this bridge offers pass-through connections for quadrature encoders, fuse protection, and an innovative Back-EMF velocity measurement circuit. Two of these H-bridges can be fitted to the BrainStem Moto 1.0 Module.

Motor voltage 12v - 27v
Continuous Current 3A
Peak Surge Current 6A